Hedorfer Markus Michael       Office at Venice–Mestre, Italy
Urban and Regional Planning
Geospatial Information Systems
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Published and unpublished documents of Markus M. Hedorfer (uncomplete list)

acurr   Personal Record, last updated on 11th October 2004
agrat   Graduation Thesis 1996
dgbef   GIS Course within the “Urban Renewal Technician” Course at the Friuli–Venetia Julia ENAIP at Trieste, 1998-1999
dgbis   GIS Course within the “Environmental Impact Analysis Technician” Course at the ISFID at Venice-Marghera, 2000
dgiav   Introductions to Geospatial Information Systems — Lessons at the IUAV, 1999
guana   Urban and Regional Planning-Oriented Spatial Analysis
rilav   ELGIRA — Economic Evaluation of Safeguard and Environmental Protection Interventions within the Venice Lagoon, 2001
rsalv   SISALV — Venice Lagoon Experimental Geographical Information System at the IUAV, 1996–1998
wcfvp   Castelfranco Veneto Township General Programme of Urban Planning, 1998-1999
wdanp   General Programme of Urban Planning and House Numbering for the Township of Duino-Aurisina · Devin-Nabrežina, 2000-2001
wvecp   Venice Township General Programme of Urban Planning, 1997-1999
wvepf   Province of Venice Fauna and Hunting Plan, 2000-2001


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