Hedorfer Markus Michael       Office at Venice–Mestre, Italy
Urban and Regional Planning
Geospatial Information Systems
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Welcome to the Hedorfer Planning Office

This web site is actually under construction.

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It is however possible to obtain some base information about the professional activities of the Hedorfer Planning Office.

Documents:   http://www.hedorfer.it/docs
Personal record (CV):   http://www.hedorfer.it/docs/acurr   last updated on 11th October 2004
Start page of HeSc PTU&GIS:   http://www.hesc.it   common web site of Hedorfer + Schiuma
Portal “GISURB – GIS for Urbanistics”:   http://www.gisurb.it
Web site “MicroImages in Italy”:   http://www.microimages.it   only in Italian
Schiuma Architectual Office:   http://www.schiuma.it   Hedorfer’s partner office
Electronic mail:   studio@hedorfer.it   office
   stage@hedorfer.it   stages (probationers)


Admitted to practise the profession of regional planner (pursuant to [Italian] Presidential Decree No 328 of 5 June 2001)


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